Please use for a party, a marriage ceremony after-prom party, etc.

Colosseo is ready to arrange wedding party, second party after wedding, birthday party, every kind of party and meeting every day including regular holidays.


Colosseo is ready to arrange wedding for one party in a day. So Original wedding can be arranged.

After Christian expression wedding and after wedding ceremony, Colosseo will serve real Italian full course menu to the honorable guests. Owner of Colosseo will give a special gift to a couple having second party after wedding They will be invited for a first anniversary dinner (dinner ticket for the date of first anniversary)

Please contact for the details to; TEL 06-6252-2024

Wedding goods

photo, hair make, flower, video tape, microphone controller( MC), sound, music and printing, gift, confectionary are well backed up by professionals exclusive to Colosseo. Please be rest assured that wedding materials such as wedding certificate, guest book, ring pillow are adequately available.

Order made party

Party plan suitable to company, circle, friends and attend. We are ready to serve order made party plan. Private room for 6-35person are available. Please enjoy Italian cuisine at private room.

Basic cuisine course is from Yen 3,500 (from 6person)

Basic drink course is from Yen 2,000

We are ready to serve many options for food, drink dessert and others. The details of our original plan will be sent by telefax or pc mail.


Feel free to contact to Colosseo anytime.